Family Names

I have more detailed information to the right of this page for some of the family tree branches.

Matthews Branch
Matthews, Shimwells, Oliver, Harrison, Carpenter, Gray, Davis, Downes, Oliver, Wright, Batty, Bradley, Turner, Wolley, Green, Taylor, Reynolds, Glossop, Clarke, Minors, Jeuson, Birch.

Davies Branch
Davies, Whittaker, Tong, Newton, Ibbotson, Marsh, Cartwright, Cundy, Booth, Grayson, Senior, Batty, Walker, Helliwell, Marshall, Stephenson, Tattersall, Miller, Buckley, Murlin, Dyson, Haigh, Haran, Hampshire, Chapple, Kaye, Skelton, Shaw, Webster.

Significant Others; 

Charles Matthews (1876 - 1947) (Brother of Thomas Henry Matthews)

Charles Matthews (1906 - 1979) (Half Brother of George Edward Matthews)

George Alfred Heath (1881 - 1958 ) (Second Husband of Elizabeth Oliver)